Weekly Outdoor Camp Schedule: 

60 mins – Quiet Time – Independent Reading & Craft – Arrival
30 mins – Morning Snack/Bathroom Breaks/ Meet/Greet Other Campers/ Outdoor Morning Meditation with Yoga Instructor Ms. Nikki
30 mins – Outdoor Art Instruction (with a small break) – Each week campers will learn the “art” of new artist. In addition, they will be familiarized with various art mediums, such as, pastels/clay/charcoal/watercolor/collages/etc. Campers will come home at the end of each week with their portfolios. Please have your campers in clothes that can get dirty. Most projects will be done in Frazier Rowe Park – to use natural sunlight and spur creativity.
60 mins – Outdoor Enrichment Play & Bathroom Breaks
60 mins – Lunch
30 mins – Outdoor Yoga – Campers will be introduced to the traditional practices including but not limited to mind & body wellness/ yoga poses/deep relaxation periods/and understanding center & focus. (Outside at Frazier Rowe Park if possible)
60 mins – Outdoor Art Instruction – finishing the morning Art Project – if extra time is needed
60 mins – 2nd Snack
60 mins – Outdoor Elective (Story Time/Craft Session/Board Games/Outdoor Play/Afternoon Snack)
30 mins – Wrap Up (Bathroom/Collecting Personal Items/Guardian Pick-Up)


COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures

Our procedures are noted above. Please be patient with us. This is new territory for everyone. We are following the guidelines per the CDC and state.   

Summer Camp Terms & Conditions: 

No student’s space will be held without full payment of all class fees. Please notify the JnE manager before the start of a class or program of any special needs including food allergies and medications – so that we will make every effort to accommodate your child.

Camp Refund Policy:

Sick days, unexpected absences, vacations, exposure to communicable diseases, including but not limited to COVID 19, government shutdowns – no refunds will be made available. Jack N’ Elle LLC, will be purchasing supplies/materials/activities/etc. in advance so that each student can have separate supplies to be COVID safe. If possible we will try an accommodate transfer if possible. 


We expect enrolled students to attend camp on the day they register. We do not offer make-up days for absences including sickness. We do not refund tuition for absences. 

Arrival and Dismissal: It is imperative that arrival and dismissal times be closely adhered to. The time before class is vital for instructors preparation to ensure a smooth and productive day. We ask that students arrive no earlier than ten (10) minutes before the start of class. In addition, we ask that you pick up your child no later than (10) ten minutes after the end of class. Any student who is dropped off too early OR picked up to late – will be charged $5 per minute per camper. You will be sent an invoice that day. Also note, that we will ask that you remain in your vehicle for drop-off and pick-up. A JnE Staffer will supervise your child as he gathers his belongs for drop-off/pick up.

Pick Up/Late Pick Up:

Do not send anyone (neighbor, housekeeper, etc.) to pick up your camper unless JnE management team has received permission from you – in writing @ info@jacknelleplayhouse.com. Please be sure to notify us ahead of time if your child is to leave with someone different when going to that very important play date, dance recital, or birthday party. We do not want to have disappointed children, but safety must be our primary concern.

Late Pickup A late pickup fee of $5 per minute per camper – will be charged whenever children are picked up more than ten minutes after the end of their class day session. Parents will be billed via Square that afternoon.


Each student will bring his own water bottle, individual morning snack and afternoon lunch/snack in a paper bag (or reusable sack separate from his lunch) clearly labeled with his name. Also, please do not send food to be cooked (i.e. pasta cups and noodle bowls). Please do not allow children to bring chewing gum or lollipops to school. All snacks need to be NUT-FREE!  

Children’s Health and Safety:

Please ensure that your camper has a COVID safe face masks to wear indoors at all times.

For the health of all the children and JnE staff, a child shall not be accepted nor allowed to remain at JnE if the child has a 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher oral temperature and/or other contagious symptoms, such as but not limited to, rash (until diagnosed and determined to be non-contagious), cough, discharge of discolored or profuse amounts of mucus from the nose, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, or eye inflammation (conjunctivitis or “pinkeye”).

When professional medical attention is required – or when a child experiences symptoms of moderate discomfort such as elevated temperature, vomiting, or diarrhea – parents will be immediately notified.

If your child has been exposed to a communicable disease, a notice will be posted by email within twenty-four (24) hours from the time we become aware of the illness.

When professional medical attention is not required (when a child experiences symptoms of less than moderate discomfort), the child will be moved to a quiet area away from other children where the child will be supervised and provided the necessary attention until such time as the child is able to return to his/her group, and the parents will be notified by the end of the day.

Cancellation Policy:

The JnE reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. Full refunds are issued for cancelled classes and programs. We make every effort to notify students of postponements, time changes, and cancellations at least (if possible) 72 hours before the first scheduled class or program start date.


Students receive an emailed receipt at the time of payment; this serves as program and payment confirmation. It is printable and emailed to you at the time of purchase.