Birthday Party & Family Event Venue

Birthday Party and Event Packages

We look forward to hosting your kids birthday party or private event. A Jack N’ Elle, we are happy to host baby showers, parent workshops and discussion groups, moms/parents night out, corporate events, fundraisers, and more. To learn more about hosting your event at our Jack N’ Elle, contact us.

We ask that you read Jack N’ Elle Playhouse Party FAQs before reserving your party.

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The Ramona

  • 2 hour party time
  • Party for 10 kids
  • 1 JnE Enrichment Leader
  • Cake ceremony (organize singing/cutting/serving)
  • Free return pass for the birthday child

The Syracuse

  • The Ramona package
  • Party for 16 kids

The JnE

  • The Syracuse Package
  • Party for 22 kids
  • 2 JnE Enrichment Leader
  • 1 Juice Box per Child Guest
  • Choose a Theme
  • Themed centerpiece and decorations and table cloth for children’s table
  • Paper plates, napkins, flatware and premium table cover for food table
  • JnE Party favor bag
  • Either a 30 min Art or Yoga Activity Included within your prescheduled time


  • Jack N Elle Socks – $2.50 each
  •  Jack N Elle Goodie Bags -$1.75 each
  •  Extra Juice Boxes – $1 each
  • $12 for each additional child (gift bag included for each additional child)
  • ½ hour Yoga Session– $30.00 (will be conducted during your prescheduled time)
  • ½ hour Art/Craft Session – $30.00 (will be conducted during your prescheduled time)
  • Extra Time ½ hour – $50.00 (pending availability)
  • Extra Time 1 hour – $100.00 (pending availability)
  • Face Painting is Extra. Pricing available in Drop-down options with purchase.
  • Hotlanta Balloons is a separate service. They provide – Balloon Garland & Letters/Numbers & more. This is for an Extra Cost. Please check the Drop-down Options with Purchase for their contact info.

Book a Party

A $160 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking your event.

A responsible adult must accompany each child.

We encourage you to read our complete Party FAQ (below)

Party FAQs

How do I book a party?
In person, online, or send us an at email.

Do you require a deposit to hold my party date?
Yes, we require a $160 deposit to reserve your party date and time. The balance is due the day of event. Once your party has begun, our enrichment leader will count children and give you the total balance due at the end of the party. Please provide the first and last name of the kids attending your party for the front desks. Deposits are non-refundable. Refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather or any acts of nature.

I want to cancel, postpone, change my party package, what is the cost?
We do not offer a refund on your deposit. Please provide two weeks (14 days) prior notice to any party amendments. Should you postpone your party to another date OR time OR add/delete Private option without proper notice we will keep your deposit and charge an additional $75 rebooking fee.

I want to cancel or change the decoration “Add-On” to my party?

Should you change or cancel your decoration “Add-On” – please provide notice two weeks (14 days) prior to your party. Otherwise we will need to charge you an additional $45, as we place our orders well in advance for each month.

I have several non-walking babies attending my party. Should I include them in the guest count?
Any child who will be seated at the children’s party table i.e. requiring his/her own chair, should be included in the guest count.

What is the duration of each party?
Each party has a reserved table time in the birthday party area of 120 minutes. Should you add a yoga or art session to your party, please know it will take place during your prescheduled party time.

I understand that JnE is designed for children ages 0-8. If a child over 8 attends my party, will they be allowed in the space?
Sadly we ask that during our public hours no child over the age of 8 is permitted into the enrichment area. This is to maintain the safety of the younger children who are there. However, guests over the age of 8 may participate in a private yoga/art/language sessions that may be included with your private event.

Could my kids and their guests stay after my party and continue to play?
Yes. Each party has a reserved table time in the birthday party rooms; however, everybody can stay after this time by moving to the public seating area. Note, should there be a private party after your party/event – we will advise you accordingly.

I’m having a party; do I have to fill out a waiver for my event?
Only if you or any of your guests are visiting for the first time. You or your guests can complete the waiver form online at home by visiting our website. This will save time and prevent delays at check in that may reduce your reserved table time.

Does everyone have to take their shoes off?
No, as long as both children and adults are in the public seating or party areas. Both children and adults must take their shoes off and have socks on when in the enrichment area.

Can I bring our own food?
Yes, we ask that food be nut-free as we are a nut-free facility.

What will the enrichment leader provide during my party?
Enrichment leaders will be present during the party to welcome guests and deliver presents to your party space. In addition, they can provide an extra set of hands where needed.

When we should arrive for our birthday party?
Please arrive 15 minutes before your party time. Your enrichment leader will escort you to your reserved area.

How much time do I have for set up/clean up?
Set up/Clean Up is Included within the 2 hour rental time. 15 minutes PRIOR TO the end of your party room reservation – we will assist you with clean-up. All deep cleaning will be performed by an enrichment leader. Should you exceed your 2 hour timeframe OR delay clean-up for the next party/event – we will automatically charge $20 for every 10 minutes.

Can I serve alcohol at my party?
At this time we will need to be notified if you will be bringing alcohol onsite. Alcohol is permitted in your assigned party space AND for adult consumption only. Under no circumstance can any Jack N’ Elle leaders be asked to handle or serve alcohol. NO MINORS SHOULD BE SERVED.

Are outside entertainers (i.e. balloon artists, clowns, etc) welcome into the space?
No, outside entertainment is not welcome in the space at this time. However, should you wish to do something outside of the services that JnE provides please inform us at two weeks before your scheduled event/party.

Can I hang decor on the walls?
Yes, but only wall-safe materials can be used. You will be charged for any damage to the walls resulting from your decorations.

Are decorations allowed to go up anywhere outside the designated party room?
We ask that all decor remain inside the party room.

I wish to host a private event – how can I get more information?                                                                                                                                                                   Should you wish to host a private event – please email for further details. 

Please note that unscheduled parties are not allowed. Thank you for not bringing any cake, balloons, gifts or other items that resemble a party into our facility without a party reservation.  

REMOVAL OF PROPERTY:  All party decor that is supplied by Jack N’ Elle Playhouse is our property and should not to be removed from party room/premises. This includes wall decor, balloon weights, utensils, utensils holders, buckets for gifts and shoes, etc. If party décor property is removed from our premises, you will be charge an additional $100.